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Maxine-Anne Bowen is a photographer and filmmaker. Her hobbies include photography, filmmaking, traveling, and fitness. She has been doing photography for about 6 years. Her growing passion in photography soon led to filmmaking. Her main strengths are in model photography, cinematography, and Lightroom. She has studied Film and Television at Full Sail University. While attending school, she has worked on several side independent projects such as documentaries, behind the scene events, and short independent films. Currently, she works as a photographer/filmmaker for A. Haley Boutique. She is skilled in using both Sony and Canon DSLR cameras. She can also operate the DJI Phantom 2 Drone. She built her own DSLR helmet rig that enables the camera operator to see in first person. The editing program she mainly uses is Premiere Pro and Lightroom, but is also familiar with Final Cut Pro and Avid. In previous student and independent film projects, she has been Director of Photography, Camera Operator, 1st AC, and/or Editor. 

"To capture moments through a looking glass" 

This is the very essence, dedication, and passion she strives for.


Tel: 813-482-1050

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